Pumpkin-Spiced Apple Smoothie: Sugar-Free Guilt-Free Treat

Pumpkin-spiced treats are a fall favorite!  This flavorful pumpkin-spiced apple smoothie is a sugar-free, guilt-free immune boosting treat you can enjoy as often as you like! 

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Homemade Immune Boosting Root Beer Recipe

When you think of root beer, “healthy” probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But this homemade root beer isn’t your average sugary soda. It’s immune-boosting and full of medicinal roots and mushrooms.

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Make Your Own Dandelion Root Latte – with Great Health Benefits

Drinking a dandelion root latte is one of my favorite ways to consume this medicinal plant. I have a special attraction and amazement towards this abundant NW plant. Dandelion reminds me that even when we try to push nature away, like when people try to kill dandelions as a weed, nature still loves us and provides medicine for us just about everywhere.

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