About Teresa

I developed My Medicinal Home to support you along your path to living a healthy life. I’m a certified health coach and have completed an herbal apprenticeship. In total, I have 45 years of experience, including significant self-study and numerous classes. All this has given me an abundance of insight that I’m excited to share to help you easily and effectively transition to healthy natural living.

My Journey

For almost two decades, I suffered from relentlessly painful canker sores. Alongside this were 30 other symptoms, including heart problems, fatty liver, low WBC, high cholesterol, IBS, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression … but these paled in comparison to the intensity of my constant canker sores. My personal health struggles, as well as the premature cancer deaths of my dad (in 1993) and my younger brother (in 2018), have motivated me to passionately seek answers for chronic illnesses. I’ve seen numerous conventional doctors, specialists, and alternative medicine doctors since the 1990s.

Teresa and her twin brothers

In January 2018, after years of faithfully following my naturopath’s recommendations, my health was getting worse instead of better. I was at a loss on what to do; it was a challenging season. This is when I unexpectedly found Anthony William’s information (The Medical Medium) and started drinking celery juice, eating lots of healing fruits and vegetables, and lowered my fats. Since then I have experienced a radical improvement in my physical and mental health. To live pain free, with energy, clarity and peace is the gift of life! After decades of struggling I never imagined I would feel this good at 60 years old! I’m still healing, but I no longer suffer from severe canker sores (and the many of my other symptoms)!! The body knows how to heal when given the right tools.

The information on this website is from my personal journey. I continue to learn and adjust and I believe the best way to move forward is one step at a time … or what often feels like three steps forward and two steps backwards. Give yourself a lot of grace, go at your own pace, and start with what sounds most compelling to you. Most of all, have fun and enjoy living, eating and thinking towards becoming a healthier you!

Blessings, Teresa

“…choose life so you and your children may live.” -Deut. 30:19