About Teresa

Faith, Family & Food

I’ve had a passion for wholeness since I was a teenager. Health and wellness is a lifelong journey … and it can look different for everyone! As you explore what recipes, tips, and approaches to health fit best with your life, I hope this site can be a place of encouragement for you. 

Faith, family, and food have long been priorities of mine. 

FAITH: The foundation of who I am is my faith in Jesus Christ.  He is good, he is a healer, he loves and values you! God is on your side and desires health and wholeness to be your reality. My prayer is that you too will experience a healthy life you love with more joy and ease! 

FAMILY: Mark and I were married in 1985 and we have four adult children.  After giving up a successful business career in 1988, when our oldest daughter was born, I invested most of my time and energy into our family.  I’ve learned so much from what I called our “A” struggles: adrenal fatigue, allergies, anxiety… to name a few. I am now grateful for our “A” struggles because they motivated me to get help. In 1993, we lost my dad to cancer and in 2018 my younger brother passed away from pancreatic cancer.  Both were in their mid 50’s when they died….much too young to leave us.  My journey for cancer prevention started in the 1990’s. My own health struggles continued to motivate me to heal the root causes of my symptoms. I am deeply grateful for the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing I have experienced.  

FOOD: In 2008 I had a health crisis.  Because I’ve always been a “health food person” — I love nutrition and wellness — it took me a while to realize that my current approach to health actually wasn’t working. I decided to make adjustments in my life and diet. Yet instead of doing this all at once, I’ve learned to make changes step by step. In 2016, I gave up sugar, gluten, and dairy and started to see improvements in my health.  But in 2018, I was struggling again with chronic health issues. I switched to mainly a low-fat plant based diet eating lots of raw fruits, vegetables, and even wild foods. Since then I have experienced a radical improvement in my physical and mental well being. 

Today I love being outside in my garden or creating healthy recipes in my kitchen.  I will be turning 60 this year, and am most proud of the fact that I feel healthier now than I did at 50.  It’s wonderful to feel younger as I get older!!

Teresa Douglass