What is My Medicinal Home?

Welcome! My Medicinal Home is here to support you to live a healthy life with more joy and ease. I have 45 years of experience, including significant self-study and numerous classes. I’m a certified health coach and have completed an herbal apprenticeship. All this has given me an abundance of insight that I’m excited to share to help you easily and effectively transition to healthy natural living. I have both received help from others and developed my own strategies.  I will provide links to other websites that have been valuable to me. My desire is for My Medicianal Home to be a tool to inspire you to develop a lifestyle that fits with your personal goals.   

Some things to know about my information: 

  1. Whole foods 

God has given us fruits, vegetables, wild foods, grains and meat to eat.  Food in its original form, or as close to its original form as possible, is God’s healing gift to us.  My recipes use whole foods with no wheat, eggs or dairy. Unfortunately these “no” foods have been tampered with over the decades and now may cause adverse effects to our bodies. 

  1. Herbs and wild foods

Healing herbs and wild foods are nature’s way of providing safe and powerful ways to heal and clean both our bodies and homes. Natural cleaning tips, first aid support and herbal remedies that have proven effective for myself and family are provided here. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek advice from your healthcare provider.

  1. Energy healing

Energy healing techniques have accelerated healing and improved my quality of life.  I considered these tools as self-help material. Scientifically, energy = mass x speed of light (E=mc2); therefore, energy work is science based not a mystical experience. Some energy healing teaching also has ties to Eastern religion, like the Chakra system. However, I look at energy healing as a tool grounded in the laws of nature and not as a religious practice.

In 2018, I unexpectedly encountered two powerful resources. Carol Tuttle’s work on energy healing, and Anthony William (The Medical Medium) information on healing from chronic and mystery illness were the tools I needed to more fully heal my mind and body. If it feels correct for you, you might find their teachings helpful as well. Neither myself nor this website are affiliated, supported or sponsored by these people or any other company.

The information on this website is from my personal journey. I continue to learn and adjust and believe the best way to move forward is one step at a time or what often feels like three steps forward and two steps backwards. Give yourself a lot of grace, go at your own pace, and start with what sounds most compelling to you. If you aren’t sure where to start, I would suggest the posts in Healthy Eating 101. Most of all have fun and enjoy living, eating and thinking towards becoming a healthier you.



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